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Ward V in Aurora is a great place to live. It is rich in culture, has great parks, open spaces, bicycle paths, and community and recreational centers. Aurora’s diversity is what sets it apart from all other surrounding cities. Our community deserves great jobs, safe neighborhoods, dependable transportation and infrastructure, parks and recreational options. Part of being a great Ward in a great city is to embrace the things that set us apart, such as our diversity.  We need to work together on understanding, listening, and being open-minded. We need to learn from our differences, which will move Ward V forward and make our community stronger. 


Everyone deserves the right to live and work in a safe environment. Ward V is no different. We are living in a new era where public safety is of the utmost importance. Aurora is growing fast and as the city is planning for future growth and approving development, a public safety plan should be included in the strategy. The plan should include the resources and infrastructure required to address the needs of residents and businesses. It is important that public safety keeps pace with growth and assures the safety of our residents.


It is important to encourage economic development that serves the interests of residents and businesses who call Ward V home. Economic development begins with promoting the city’s assets to businesses and talent as a top location for living, working, or starting a business. We need economic growth and diversification that will strengthen our economy for the long run. We need to ensure that small businesses have the support they need to flourish as a part of our community. I will continue to work with the Aurora Urban Renewal Authority to repurpose and revitalize dated and empty retail and business centers.  We also need to ensure that the permitting process and design requirements are not cumbersome for new development.


Rising rental and housing prices have overburdened many of our residents. Local leaders must come up with creative ways to address the affordable housing shortage. While I have been on Aurora City Council, we have developed the Aurora Housing Strategy to address rising rental and housing costs. This strategy gives residents obtainable housing options. Our Aurora City Council goal is to create a healthy, quality, affordable, sustainable housing environment that works together with the private sector to produce homes that meet the diverse incomes in our community.


We need to develop a balanced transportation system to accommodate Aurora’s current and future demand. An important aspect of transportation is the maintenance of our neighborhood streets and main connecting arterial roads throughout Ward V. Congestion is also an important concern that we need to continue to address. We also need to ensure RTD maintains service levels for residents and employees in Aurora. Additionally, we need to implement Traffic Calming Measures that increase safety throughout Ward V.


According to the World Health Organization, by 2030, one in six people in the world will be aged 60 years or over. This brings unique challenges and opportunities in Ward V and the entire city in the areas of safety, housing, transportation, and age-related special services. This is something that I feel strongly about and will be a priority for me as the Ward V Council Member.

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