"Council member Angela Lawson has proven during her first term to be a thoughtful, pragmatic lawmaker who has come to focus on accountability, ethics and transparency in the city government. An employee of the Colorado Secretary of State's office focusing on election lobbying, she has carved out a reputation for ensuring the city and those who encounter the city council answer hard questions. Lawson will be an important part of the next city council."

"I'll definitely endorse you. It's about people... and if I can't get behind a person like that - then there's something wrong with me."Rod Smith, Denver Bronco, Super Bowl, Pro-Bowl, and All-Pro Champion


When two-time Super Bowl champion Rod Smith signed to the Denver Broncos, he chose Aurora as his home. He became a fan of the the city's energy and lifestyle, and believes in its ever-growing success today, as much as he did after joining the Denver Broncos.


Naturally, when it came to endorsing a candidate for Aurora City Council, he had glowing praise for his friend Angela Lawson, addressing the nature of her commitment to excellence. In this this multi-part video series, Rod and Angela discuss the many facets of life in Aurora today, and how Angela's leadership traits fit well with the future of Aurora's leadership in Colorado and around the nation.


Please enjoy, and check back frequently for new installments. Or, send us your email, and we will notify you when new segments of Rod and Angela's discussion are posted. 

Colorado Black Women For Political Action
RLImmigration and the Law Firm of Rita R. Lewis
Rita R. Lewis-Former Colorado Civil Rights Commissioner and Former President of NACCP-Denver
"Aurora Firefighters 1290 is pleased to endorse incumbent Angela Lawson, for Aurora City Council, At-large. Ms. Lawson continues to show her commitment to the City of Aurora, its citizens, and the firefighters tasked with protecting them. Her understanding of our community’s challenges qualifies her to continue her service on Aurora City Council." ~ Aurora Fire Fighters 1290, Aurora Colorado
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Marlo Alston, Centennial City Council Member, District 4