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I was born in Fontana, California, the only child of an Air Force Veteran father and a stay-at-home mom. Living abroad and at many bases where my father was stationed was the norm for me growing up until my parents agreed to call Colorado their home in the 1970’s. Volunteering was a value my parents always made sure I was engaged in when I was younger. Throughout my entire life, I was always involved in some type of volunteer activity. This early commitment to serving others and advocating for what you believe in to make a difference have been cornerstones of my life that influenced my educational pursuits.

I attended the University of California at Berkeley and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. I came back to Colorado for a job opportunity and while working received two Masters degrees from the University of Colorado at Denver in Social Science and Public Administration. I went to Washington, D.C. after that to attend Georgetown University, where I received a Master’s degree in Public Policy. My educational pursuits are still not finished as I’m currently a doctoral candidate in Public Administration.

When I originally decided to come back to Colorado to live here permanently, I knew Aurora was the place that I wanted to call home. Being part of such an inclusive, culturally diverse community like I experienced on the many military installations I lived on throughout my life was important to me. The opportunity to purchase a home that fit my economic circumstances was another reason I moved to Aurora. Out of any other city in the metro area, Aurora is the only place where I felt being a first time homebuyer could be possible.

I made the move to a career in public service in 2005, when I started working at the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office as a program manager for the lobbyist unit in the Elections Division where I oversaw the lobbyist registration program. I then decided to continue my public service by running for an At-Large Council Member seat in my hometown that I love, Aurora, Colorado.

During my time on council, there are three principles I think are essential as a leader of the city: know who you represent, be honest and transparent, and ensure that our city is fiscally responsible. Community engagement is important in all aspects of city business especially as the city grows. In fact, I founded the civic engagement academy, the purpose of which is to educate residents about city government and the roles and responsibilities of the city leaders and other department services within Aurora.

Ward V has been my home for 22 years. I have proudly served on the Aurora City Council for the past eight years as an At-Large Council Member. I have now chosen to run for the Ward V Council Member seat to focus on the current challenges and opportunities of the neighborhood I love. Over the next four years, I want to focus on Ward V’s quality of life, public safety, economic development & small business, housing, transportation, and aging population. I ask you to join me in this effort. Let’s Move Ward V Forward – Together.

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